Giant Sand, Scout Niblett

Thu 21st October 2004, Bush Hall, Uxbridge Road London

Giant Sand is Howe Gelb's one-man-band, plus guests. Operating out of Tucson, Arizona, Giant Sand has been performing original material since the mid-80s that loosely sits in the camps of rock and alt-country. Their last album, Cover Magazine, is a cover album of classic (and kitschy) country and rock songs. This kind of record is usually dismissed as a second-tier project-- just like live albums, and for basically the same reason: going in, you're not expecting a major, original statement. It's true that Gelb never sounds like he's breaking a sweat here, but there's invention and heart in these tunes, and the range is impressive-- stretching from Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash to P.J. Harvey and Goldfrapp.

Giant Sand's Howe Gelb is one of America's great lost heroes.

- Q Magazine
Howe Gelb has a voice even scrapings at the bottom of a barrel would deny knowing - think Lou Reed and keep going. It's parched, desolate country-noir of the leanest, most rickety kind.

- Q Magazine "Giant Sand is the best band in the world" - Polly Jean Harvey

"If there were only one person allowed to contribute further to the over-stocked pool of recorded music on this planet it should be Howe Gelb" - John Parish

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