The Band of Blacky Ranchette:

Still Lookin' Good To Me

anmeldelse ved  Nathan Hogan i Dusted Magazine :

"....particularly the closer, “Square,” a ballad Gelb penned with
the late Rainer Ptacek. Singing like he’s got a full orchestra behind
him rather than a lonely guitar and the somber, slightly sour cello of
Joey Burns, Gelb squeezes the whole of the sparkling Pacific Coast
myth into a pocket of Tucson sand....."


anmeldelse ved  PAUL CURRY • December 6, 2003
The Courier-Journal

"...Gelb says it best himself on "Square," the album's closer:
He's "way too real for wide appeal."
He might be genetically incapable of selling out, but he continues
to inspire a growing audience in spite of his lack of (conventional) commercial appeal...."